Minggu, 22 April 2012

keep fighting

Dear all of reader....I just want to say keep fighting.....he..he...actually talk more easy than practice....I still try tobe good fighting in this time...............

Wedding Dress

Have you ever watched WEDDING DRESS?  It is a korean movie,ups.....wait....Don't judge me...Koreancholic...I just suggest you to watch this movie because is not usual korean movie....ha..ha...At first time may be you will imagine korean movie just about love story between two couple, but this movie tell about you and mom...

You will cry if you watch this movie...



OK...I just want tell a little about this movie...The story begin when a young mother was drawing a beautiful wedding dress design.This mother so busy because she is a single parent.Her husband was died, but she has a daughter named Sora. Sora is covert girl, she does not like lunch with her friend because she fell sleazy. One day everything in this small family changed,....WHY.......???

Sora's mom get a sick...........but this little girl doesn't want her mom be sad because Sora know about her sick...SO a little girl pretending do not  know about that problem......Ah...I doesn't want to tell all of story for you... I Just recommend it for to make we realize about our mom...ALWAYS BE GOOD  CHILDREN......

Kamis, 19 April 2012

The Widest Street in The World

This is the widest street in the world. 9 de Julio Avenue (mean July 9th Avenue – in honor of Argentina’s independence day) in Buenos Aires, Argentina is the widest street in the world. Has seven track in each direction and it covers the entire block. There is one building that sits on the Avenue (the former Ministry of Transportation building) but there are many famous landmarks along the sides – like the long time French Embassy, the statue of Don Quixote, and a famous monument (The obelisk) and the Plaza de la República. This street width 460 feet or about 140m.

 Hmm....What do you think if Indonesia have wide street like that....?May we do not trapped in traffic jam everyday...but, It just dream to have the wide street in our cuntry........What do you think about it?

Jumat, 06 April 2012


I believe all of you guys who followed me in my blog have facebook, right?

Exactly ,until now I still find why fb be very interesting to all of facebooker...I try make a friend, confirm, and sometime make status..but I still didn't found what is really interesting in there... know guys...I have heard if you make your status to show your unfortunately it look like Judaism behavioral who always cry in "dinding ratapan" so don't use your fb like that...

Minggu, 01 April 2012

NO days WITHOUT SPecial story....

Sometime....yeah..sometime we fell boring all the day, but now I realize about it..No days without special story..Because Allah always give surprising present everyday... Like this time when I am tired with many task must be finished actually Allah teach me to be good fighter, yesterday when I felt not good schedule but Allah give me new experience and met new people, and tomorrow I believe Allah HAD ready serve special story for me...I will get different story, meet wonder people, and through unique day..keep spirit a_u

22:11 01/04/2012

NO idea.....Just this word can describe me now....

Senin, 26 Maret 2012


Have you ever though you are so anxiety and give up with your fighting?NOW...I just want to write every things in my mind..I always try to give motivation  for my self but it too hard and I begin make a question in my head..Can I do my task on time? "It is so usual if a student have many assignment" for many people who I ask advise to solve this problem, BUT for me it difficult..Actually I don't want to be weak person but time pass so quickly without give me more time to control everything in my schedule
I want to tell it to my friend but I don't want to make them be boring with my anxiety.Finally I just stay alone in my is so funny when I give advise to other people, in fact I just stay in main problem without solve it....Can I confident with my self????

Sabtu, 24 Maret 2012


               Woah.....a young girl woke up when hear her alarm make a noise. She look around and stop her sight in the blue wall near her desk. There are many piece paper hang in this wall. She smiles when read title that wall "DIFFICULT WALL"       . She still remember the first time she make difficult word in the blue wall. She make many mistake in vocabulary test in the school and her friend laughed her. She back to home sadly and make many difficult word and put in the blue wall. One of difficult word which  she make is FRIEND. Many people always ask her why friend is difficult word, everyone know meaning of friend.

                  Sometime, she influenced to remove that word. Several time she pull out  piece of paper and she always return Fiend to difficult  wall. Why...? it is be big secret for all.

                  One day, she came to me while her eye look glittery. I just wait until she want to tell what happen exactly ."I don't believe friend anymore,they always make me disappointing, always come and go away without care with me,they just take advantages for me and leave me alone when I not be the best in my work". I just let her tell about her feeling without give my opinion. She look at me and say "I don't want to make you be my friend because I don't believe them". I surprised hear it, but before I ask her about my mine she talk again" you are my sister not my friend because I believe you aren't like them". I am happy heard it and we hug. Since that time, i understand the reason WHY WORD FRIEND IS DIFFICULT WORD because until now she still try to find friend. Friend still very difficult to she understand. She never care what ever other people think about difficult word, because she still don't understand about FRIEND word. I appreciate it and how about you?

Minggu, 04 Maret 2012

in your mine

Senin, 27 Februari 2012

where am i?

no body can talk me where am i, exactly...among of crowded the class it  felt so empty for me..where all of member in this class talk each other....i am still just  bad thinking.???? May be you think it is .....but it is up to you.....until now i am still thinking where am i exactly.....

Selasa, 21 Februari 2012

the best way to make our be wise the first time we  always think about so poor we are when no body understand with our mine.
But, Allah always have unique way to make we understand about it.... Allah gives us  many reason to be wise......for simple example....when we felt so weakness and disappointing with our friend sometime we want to  keep away from her or him but exactly it is not solve our problem.....try to be wiser nit mean we must be quiet when we hurt by other but try to proof our weakness be our reminder...we should remember if at the first time we are not regarded it is  no problem because we can be evidence in the future because the winner not only wait the evidence but she always be  evidence...................

Kamis, 16 Februari 2012

the biggest power

Rabu, 15 Februari 2012

the first journey