Senin, 26 Maret 2012


Have you ever though you are so anxiety and give up with your fighting?NOW...I just want to write every things in my mind..I always try to give motivation  for my self but it too hard and I begin make a question in my head..Can I do my task on time? "It is so usual if a student have many assignment" for many people who I ask advise to solve this problem, BUT for me it difficult..Actually I don't want to be weak person but time pass so quickly without give me more time to control everything in my schedule
I want to tell it to my friend but I don't want to make them be boring with my anxiety.Finally I just stay alone in my is so funny when I give advise to other people, in fact I just stay in main problem without solve it....Can I confident with my self????

Hmmm.....I take a breath after read the small paper which I found when I enjoy my alone time in the beach. Maybe the writer very nervous about her task and don't know who can give her new spirit. That letter bring me to other fact, it is not all of person who keep silent when they have many problem is  in good mentality. Sometime they confuse where they can tell anything which make them be worry. So sometime when your friend can not give advise or motivation for you it not wise to you judge them are selfish because they really not confident with her/his self at this time because nobody give her/him chance to tell about her/his problem...What do you think?????????????????

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Gumala Resti Halin mengatakan...

Of course you can.....
You just put some motivation sentences in your note book......
Insyaallah you can solve your problem....
but it only suggestion...... if you want...^_^

MediaRahmi mengatakan...

I think that the best way is to stop to think about your problems.. just do the most important thing that you have to do.. if you are just thinking..thinking..and thinking, it is just useless.. so,,it would be better if you begin to move, to make an action than just thinking..thinking..


Rinia mengatakan...

hm ..
in my opinion, in order to make the assignmnet in a right time or we can say it 'on time', you need to make it everyday even though just a little :)
and do not left project or task until the very last minutes, Okay ??

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