Jumat, 06 April 2012


I believe all of you guys who followed me in my blog have facebook, right?

Exactly ,until now I still find why fb be very interesting to all of facebooker...I try make a friend, confirm, and sometime make status..but I still didn't found what is really interesting in there... know guys...I have heard if you make your status to show your unfortunately it look like Judaism behavioral who always cry in "dinding ratapan" so don't use your fb like that...

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MediaRahmi mengatakan...

it is a bad fact,

so, what is the best thing to do in fb?

ayuniefatma mengatakan...

so....let's find it...may we can share something that advantages

dilacious mengatakan...

Judaism? I get a little bit confuse with this word. What does it mean? o.O

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